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Spirit House Productions Videos

Homelessness, The Other 1%

Michael Morrissey interviews the homeless, precariously housed, formally homeless and those that are helping to end homelessness

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Videos of general interest

Architects of Opportunities

Weekly program every Monday at 7:00PM on Community Media Center of Marin & Novato TV

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Short videos about the work of Rotary International

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The interviews are divided into three categories, 1. In Their Own Words – the homeless & precariously housed, 2. Successes – the formerly homeless and 3. Those Helping End Homelessness – those helping to end homelessness. New interviews are added regularly .

Our Author

T.C. ‘Kip’ Chase

My first book, “Where There’s a Will” was written on a Remington portable typewriter on the fender of a Ford panel truck parked along the coastline of Trinidad.  Read More

Leon Lessinger

Leon Lessinger, now 92 years old, is a retired US Government official living in California. As a young man, he witnessed the testing of the first atomic bombs…… Read More

Michael J Morrissey

Trekking to Katmandu, he found himself driving the Magic Bus with an increasing involvement in photography as a way of capturing,  …. Read More

Brian Redmond

Brian Redmond was born in Liverpool, England, in 1938, just in time to witness some of the devastation of World War II. He became a Conventual Franciscan.. Read More

Robert Thomas

Unknown (until now) to most, but famous to all of his friends, Robert should be considered a National Treasure. Born in Flint, Michigan to a multi generational … Read More